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Alcohol Rehab

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Alcohol Detox and Alcohol Rehab

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When someone has been an alcoholic for a long period, they may already have some permanent physical and mental damage. However, this does not mean they are without hope.


Alcohol addiction treatment programs should be started as early as possible. Like with many diseases, prevention is best, but this does not always happen. This is a strong reason for action when signs and symptoms of alcoholism, or dependence, are noticed by family or friends. Getting someone to admit that they have an alcohol problem can be a difficult task.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Alcohol rehab and Detox

Detox is the first step to beginning the journey of recovery.

What is Medical Assisted Detox?

Since detox can be anĀ  uncomfortable process, we have medically assisted detox which is a type of treatment supervised by medical and mental health professionals. Detox under the care of medical professionals helps the person to recover from addiction going through withdrawal in a safe and comfortable environment. Our trained personnel are available to treat complications of the detox process, administer medication to ease the process, and support the mental health of the patient.

What is Alcohol Residential Treatment?

Residential Treatment rehab is typically 28- to 35-days in which our clients are engaged in an individual treatment plan by a team of counselors and other professionals. The individual plan is created by assessing your needs based on your background, your drug and alcohol use and your living situation.

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