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Addiction is a progressive and debilitating condition that affects both the addicts and their loved ones. Addiction is often known as a family disease, but it especially affects couples. Whether its one or both parties in an intimate relationship, substance abuse has severe impacts that can tear couples apart. Drug rehab for couples should be more readily available.

couples drug rehab

If you and your spouse are struggling with substance abuse issues, Bridges of Life is offering a couples drug rehab program in Orange County, CA that will restore your health, happiness and relationship.

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Why Couples Drug Rehab?

For couples who are struggling with substance abuse, they may ask why they can’t pursue treatment at a traditional treatment center. As already stated, addiction doesn’t just impact the addict…it affects all who are related to the addict. In the case of those in an intimate relationship, the dysfunction of substance abuse creates tremendous strain that can tear couples apart and cause irreparable emotional and psychological damage.

If only one partner goes to treatment and other continues to use substances, the partner who is in rehab can easily fall back into active use. Likewise, if one partner goes to rehab and the other does not use substances but does not seek any form of therapy, there will not be a solid supportive foundation once treatment ends. With couples drug treatment programs, both partners are able to get the tools and support they need to heal, grow and become healthy in the long term. Couples drug rehab allows married and unmarried couples space to deal with substance abuse in a safe and empowering environment.

How is Couples Drug Treatment Structured?

Couples addiction treatment

Couples drug rehab is similar in structure to other types of drug treatment programs—but they do have slight differences. First and foremost, couples drug treatment programs have certified and experienced marriage and/or couple therapists on staff. These professionals understand the sensitive and intimate dynamics of these relationships and provide solid support and guidance throughout the treatment process. Additionally, couples drug treatment features housing accommodations where couples can be together or in separate rooms dependent on their relationship at the time of treatment.

Another unique feature of drug treatment for couples is it features behavioral couples therapy (BCT). This form of behavioral therapy aims to help improve the couple’s relationship as one or both parties work towards recovery and long-term abstinence.

BCT aims to facilitate better communications, increase positive the healthy activities in the relationship, and create and maintain positive change in the relationship.

With those differences noted, couples drug rehab also has similarities to other drug treatment programs. First, couples rehab features medical detox in which one or both parties can undergo to make drug withdrawal more tolerable. Also, many of these programs feature dual diagnosis components if there are underlying mental health issues that need to be addressed in treatment. Additionally, couples drug rehab also features 12-step support, life and coping skills training and other therapies as well as aftercare programs.

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What Are the Benefits of Couples Drug Rehab?

For couples seeking help for their substance abuse issues, couples drug rehab programs offer several major benefits:

Increased Chance of Completing Treatment-Couples rehab gives participants a greater chance of successful completion of treatment. Oftentimes, people in a relationship who go of to treatment miss their spouse, significant other, children and other loved ones. As a result, they may grow disinterested and lose motivation. Couples treatment allows for greater emotional support during trying times.

Addresses Codependency-oftentimes, couples who are struggling with substance abuse have some degree of codependency in their relationship. During couples drug treatment, mental health professionals can uncover the root causes for codependent behavior and give couples the tools they need to establish healthier boundaries and grow their relationship.

Couples Therapy—a hallmark of couples drug treatment programs is couples counseling. During therapy, each party has the opportunity to discuss the problems in their relationship as a result of addiction, codependency and other issues. As each party works through each issue, their relationship deepens, and they understand they can work together and have each other has strong means of support.

Reduced Chance of Relapse—when people relapse after drug treatment, it is often due to a lack of meaningful support from loved ones. Couples drug treatment programs are structured to where partners reside together, uncover the roots of their addiction together and support each other during each step of treatment. The solid foundation that creates greatly reduces the chance of relapse in either or both party in an intimate relationship.

While couples drug and alcohol rehab have many advantages, there are situations where it may be detrimental to the physical, mental and psychological health of the couple. This is especially true in cases where domestic violence is present. In those cases, experienced treatment staff will need to bring in other resources in order to find solutions that are safe and supportive for both parties.

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If you and your spouse or significant other are needing help with your drug addiction issues, call Bridges of Life today and learn more about our couples drug rehab program. Our experienced and compassionate staff will walk you through the programs and services we offer. We offer medical detox programs, therapy and other programs that are research-based, extensively tested and proven to work. We offer couples drug rehab programs that are individually tailored to meet your specific needs. In addition to intensive inpatient programs, our couple programs are also offered in an intensive outpatient and day treatment settings.

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