Couples Friendly Drug Detox and Treatment Program​

Relationships are hard work, throw addiction into the mix and they become so much harder. A relationship where both parties are using and/or drinking can be filled with problems and you may find yourself feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. We believe offering couples a safe place to detox and get sober together can provide the extra nudge some people need to seek treatment. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

couples drug rehab
  • Effects of drug addiction and alcoholism for a couple and their family.
  • Drug and alcohol addiction may create an emotional disconnect in your relationship, trust issues and infidelity, financial stress, not being able to maintain employment and housing, or may result in domestic violence, sometimes causing legal problems.
  • Emotional disconnect
  • Trust issues and Infidelity
  • Financial stress; not able to maintain employment and housing
  • Domestic violence
  • Legal Issues
  • Having children removed from your care

Deciding to get clean and sober as a couple can be hard, you or your partner might have questions and have fears; “Will we have anything in common once the drugs and alcohol are removed?”, “Will my partner still love me?”, “Our relationship was based on using/ drinking”. For many, the decision to enter rehab can feel scary and overwhelming, and it can be comforting to go through the process with their partner. If someone is struggling with the idea of being separated from their spouse or significant other during treatment, we may be the place for you. There is light at the end of the tunnel. A healthy lifestyle for you as an individual and as a couple can start today.

A healthy relationship and lifestyle is one decision away. Entering detox and starting the process of recovery can sound frightening but doing it as a couple may bring additional support and develop an even stronger bond, fighting the disease of addiction/ alcoholism together. Detox followed by inpatient treatment where you will participate in individual, joint and group therapy may result in long term recovery. Long- term recovery can impact your life in so many ways:

  • Healthy, strong, loving relationship
  • Family unit coming back together
  • Financial stability
  • Better health
  • No longer engaging in harmful and dangerous activities
  • Less legal problems

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