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Bringing Hope to the Hopeless is often a Difficult task but that is exactly what we do...Everyday.

Mayra Iniguez
Clinical Director

Over the years I have experienced and overcome many personal challenges which has fueled my desire to inspire others to do the same, and provide healing. Although my professional title is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, many who know me may also consider me to be similar to a Life Coach or Mentor.

I am eager to help any and all who have a desire to change, progress, evolve and willingness to overcome the barriers that prevent them from living their best life. As a therapist, my style leans towards encouraging clients to reflect within and learn to accept themselves exactly as they are, which allows them to let go of past mistakes while alleviating feelings of shame and guilt. When clients are open to challenging unsupportive beliefs, they allow themselves an opportunity to break free from the chains of the harmful or negative past behaviors and thought processes.

I specialize in trauma, relationship issues, substance abuse, sex and gambling addiction. My experience and training allows me to implement talk, hypnotherapy, and EMDR in order to provide swift and transformative healing. I truly believe in being able to heal someone at a level that is deeper than the surface, which can be life changing and transformative!

Thora Mueller
Program Director

Being a passionate person, I feel truly blessed to be in a position where I can create change in people’s lives. Experiencing my own struggles has paved the way for me to truly empathize with clients, and their battle with addiction. I come with a subjective, yet non-biased understanding, of what they are going through. My job is truly rewarding because I get to witness people come in feeling that life and their circumstances are unmanageable; however, I am grateful to be in a position to witness changes and help instill hope.

Working in treatment is meaningful and close to my heart because you can be in a position to instill hope and help others struggling. Although my title is Program Director, I am also considered a mentor and confidant to others who walk though that door. Having the opportunity to make an impact in the recovery community is indescribable and something I will cherish always!

Justin Mars

Justin began working in the Addiction Professional industry over 4 years ago.

Justin’s passion for helping individuals and families has led him to achieve multiple certifications and surpass industry standards of education. Justin is also a Certified National Interventionist, holds a QPR Suicide Prevention Masters Training License.

Justin exemplifies compassion and a strong guiding light not just through his work, but with every human interaction he is a part of. He is a beacon of light in our community that has long been needed.

Cindy Rasch
Behavioral Health Tech

Hello, my name is Cindy Rasch, My story starts with my past struggles with drugs and alcohol. I struggled for many years to obtain sobriety and live life on lifes terms. It wasn’t until I was introduced to a loving God, Alcoholics Anonymous and a host of sober friends, to get me to where I am at today.

Through all this it has inspired me to help others. Which is why I am working in recovery today. I am truly blessed to be working for Bridges To Life Detox, it enables me to give back what was so freely given to me.

Love, compassion, tolerance and understanding.

Casie Thomas
Behavioral Health Tech

My name is Casie Thomas. As I am from the Orange County area, I am happy I get to work with people in the area I grew up in. I have two children. My son is pursuing sports in high school and my daughter is involved with broadcasting in middle school.

I entered in to a treatment program straight from jail on August 10, 2015 and my life was totally transformed. I blessed to say I have been with Bridges to Life Detox and Recovery since the opening of their doors, and we are a strong family.

Danielle Jewett
Case Manager

CADC-CAS #C038700816
I have been working in the addiction field for almost 7 years. I started as support staff in a detox facility in Anaheim Ca and continued as support staff until going to school to become a to be a state certified drug and alcohol counselor in 2016.

I am now the case manager for Bridges to Life Detox where I love to work with the client’s to give them experience strength and hope as well as help them repair families and obtain the tools they will need to stay sober. I am also in the program myself so I understand the struggles and the sadness my client’s experience when they are in our care.

This is why I love my job and my client’s because seeing the light come on and see them have lives with their families involved is what makes it worth it.

Justin Evans
Behavioral Health Tech

Justin studied Business Management at Oklahoma State University. He moved to California and has worked in the Substance Abuse field for over three years. 

In that time he has completed all required detox technician training and certifications. Justin’s deep involvement in the recovery community of Orange County has created a passion for helping others. 

Today he works with several non profits in the Southern California communities and looks forward to spreading hope and awareness about addiction in any way he can. Justin is dedicated to not only helping addicts recover, but also create new and healthy changes in their lives inspiring them to reach their goals.

Alexis Leyte
Behavioral Health Tech

“Greetings, my name is Alexis Leyte and I was brought up in a home broken up by addiction and the stigma to get help. My father was too embarrassed (or never really ready or willing) to get help and be there for his family. 

I have dedicated my life, my schooling, and my career to trying to mend broken families and give them a second chance. I have worked as a tutor, mentor, high school counselor, home health aide and various levels of Recovery. Graduated from CSUF with a BA in Psychology and desire to help my community.”

A Word From Our Owner

” A fellow in recovery,  I personally understand the hardships of the addict/alcoholic and as a parent I also know the hardships that families endure. Our team at Bridges to Life Detox and Recovery are here to help….Everyday!”

We are a caring Orange County drug detox and residential addiction treatment facility. Take back control today.

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