Alcohol and Drug Detox in Orange County

Treating drug addiction and alcoholism is difficult. Yet, our team has developed safe and caring approaches to helping anyone and everyone get help. All of our methods are research based and proven and thanks to key organizations such as the the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, we know the real solutions for treatment.

The first key to success is understanding that addiction and alcoholism is a disease and that it will take time for the patient to recover. As you or you love one recovers on a day by day basis, they will pass through various levels of personalized care.


Ensuring the client’s safety is imperative. During the medical and psychosocial assessments at admission, our clinical staff determines the appropriate detox. At this level of care, the client is monitored 24/7 by our detox team. This process allows us to manage the client’s withdrawal symptoms in a safe environment. Although each client’s withdrawal circumstances are different, detox lasts approximately 5-7 days. Factors determining the client’s experience during withdrawal include:

  • drug(s) of choice frequency, and amount
  • substance tolerance level
  • progression, and severity of addiction
  • physical condition and recurrent health problems.

During the detox phase of care at Bridges to Life the client resides in a designated detox area near our staff for round-the-clock supervision and support where the client has easy access to staff for assistance. Detox rooms are in a separate section of the client’s residential area in consideration of peak periods of withdrawal. Once a patient has consented to treatment, the first step must be detoxification – a systematic removal of the chemical from the body. Since this complete withdrawal can cause symptoms that may be both physically and psychologically dangerous to the individual, the safest form of this methodology is a continuously supervised medical procedure.

We are a caring Orange County drug detox and residential addiction treatment facility. Take back control today.

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